Welcome to the family web site for Grady, Julia, Grady Jeremiah, and Richard Josiah Smith in Auburn, Alabama!

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2015 Family Portraits

We did our family portraits several weeks ago at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham and are
so excited about the way they look.  Click on the link above to see them and to see how
big the boys are becoming!'

Who is My Neighbor?   God's Heart for Internationals in our Community

In July, Grady had the opportunity to speak to the people of Lakeview to challenge them to
embrace God's heart to reach Internationals in their own community.  The message begins with
Luke 10 then provides a survey of the Scriptures to help us see God's plan for his people
to welcome the sojourners.  Click the link above to visit the sermons page for this message.

Other New Sermons Are Available!
1 Thessalonians 2 - How to Make a Difference in Difficult Days
Matthew 7  - What exactly does Jesus mean when He promises, "Ask, and it will be given..." 
Missions History and the People God Uses

RC & Papa (the grand-dads) along with Grady took the boys on a surprise trip to Disney. 
See the pictures on the link above!

A bookmarked and searchable PDF is now available here on Grady's research on how one's view of
God's providence impacts one's prayer life.

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Grady, Julia, Grady Jeremiah, and Richard Josiah
Auburn, Alabama, USA