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Day 3 - Finally got to interact with one of their favorite characters

Last fall, Grady was asked to preach a one hour overview of missions history for the people
of Lakeview.  That message is now available here.  Listen along for a (very fast) overview
of protestant missions history and the people God used to make His name known
to all the nations.  Be encouraged at God's work in the world!

RC & Papa (the grand-dads) along with Grady took the boys on a surprise trip to Disney. 
See the pictures on the link above!

In January, Grady had the opportunity to speak to a church in Columbus, Georgia, to challenge them to
embrace God's heart to reach Internationals in their own community.  The message is a survey of
Scriptures on God's plan for his people to welcome the sojourners.  Click the link above to visit the
sermons page for this message.

A bookmarked and searchable PDF is now available here on Grady's research on how one's view of
God's providence impacts one's prayer life.

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Grady, Julia, Grady Jeremiah, and Richard Josiah
Auburn, Alabama, USA