Grady's Sermons

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Who is our neighbor?  This is an important question and one that is not new.  Are our neighbors only people on our street with names similar to us?  Or perhaps does God also have another group in mind when He commands us to love our neighbors?  The message begins with Luke 10 then provides a survey of the Scriptures to help us see God's plan for his people to welcome the sojourners, or Internationals, whom God has brought to our communities.

Throughout church history, the church has thrived in difficult situations.  As churches and Christians today face growing opposition, how do we make a difference in the place where God has us.  Looking back to the life of Paul, we find tremendous insight into the essential role of Gospel commitment coupled with a commitment to live in authentic community if we desire to make a difference in these days. 
Jesus gives an incredible promise in Matthew 7:7-11 when He says, "Ask, and you will receive..."  What does that promise mean?  Unfortunately, this text is often misunderstood and misapplied, leaving people not only with the wrong type of hope, but also missing the real wonder and hope of this promise.  In this sermon, we will look deeply at this text and how the promise of our heavenly Father answering our prayers gives us hope and help for our Christian journey.
  • Missions History and the People God Uses

    In August 2014 I was asked to condense my teaching from the Perspectives missions classes into a one hour overview of missions history for the people of Lakeview.  In this message, I provide a (very fast) glimpse at protestant missions history to help us learn about the people God uses and how God has worked through them to make His name known to the nations.  Listen along on this journey through missions history and be encouraged at God's work in the world!

  • Isaiah 44-45 - What to Do When What God Does Does Not Make Sense

    Life does not always go as we expect.  What do we do when God's plans for us are not as we expected?  In this sermon, we look to Isaiah 44-45 to see how God instructs His people when His promised deliverance does not come the way the expect, or even like.  Lessons draw from His instruction and rebuke of their questioning of His plans will help us understand that we can trust that the God who made the universe is now working out His purposes for our good and for His glory.
  • Romans 12 - Christian Hospitality

    Many of us are familiar with Romans 12:1-2 and the command to be transformed.  However, we often overlook that pursuing Christian community and hospitality is an essential aspect of our worship as the transformed people of God.  In this sermon we will see God's instruction for how we are to relate to one another together in community.
  • Psalm 51 - The Path of Repentance

    What do we do when we recognize that we have sin in our life?  In one of the great prayers of the David, we see from King David's life and his prayer here that when we confess our sins, God is faithful to not only forgive of us our sins but also to cleanse us so that we may worship Him and may make Him known. 
  • Joshua 7 - Blessings:  Can they be expected?

    A quick glace at popular books today show that Christians want to experience God's blessings.  Can we just expect such blessings, or does God require something of us?  We know that God blesses obedience, but too often we forget that God withdraws that blessing and disciplines us in love when we have sin in our lives.  In a fascinating account of all Israel seeing God's blessing withdrawn because of "sin in the camp," we can learn many lessons about God's perspective on blessings in our lives.  

  • 2 Corinthians 5 - Ambassadors for Christ

     When you think of evangelism, what comes to mind?  For many, it carries negative thoughts of programs and confrontations.  But what does it look like in Scripture?  A look at 2 Corinthians 5 will show us God's plan, namely that we please God when when are faithful to our calling as His ambassadors by boldly sharing the Gospel with the lost.  I hope you will listen and consider anew God's desire for you to be involved in His Kingdom purposes.

  • 1 Peter 2 - Embracing our Identity in Christ

    If you are asked "Who are you" and "what is your purpose in life," how do you answer those questions?  I fear that most Christians answer in ways that the world has defined for them.  I fear that many of us have failed to think deeply about these questions and as a result lack biblical purpose in our lives.  Let's take a look at our identity in Christ and why God has given it to us.

  • Zechariah 3 - Spiritual Warfare: Victory by God's Grace

    We all face struggles.  When you face temptation, do you ever wonder why you struggle and why you fall at times?  Do you ever wonder how to find victory in your struggles?  The Old Testament prophet Zechariah provides us with amazing insight into our struggles with temptation and the hope we do have for victory.  Look with me at this fascinating passage on "spiritual warfare" that often is neglected.