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Welcome to our blog about happenings in our family and ministry, as well as occasional reflections on other matters.  If you are looking for information on our journey with Grady Jeremiah's extremely premature birth, those posts are available in the section of this site on Grady Jeremiah's Story.

2013 Family Portraits

posted Nov 21, 2013, 7:48 PM by Grady Smith   [ updated Nov 21, 2013, 8:07 PM ]

November 21, 2013
~ It has been more than a year since we updated this blog.  Our last post was our family portraits from 2012.  With two kids now, Grady completing his Ph.D. dissertation, and with ongoing ministry, the blog got put aside.  However, our recent family pictures will give you a glimpse at how quickly our little guys are growing up!  Grady Jeremiah turned three a few weeks ago and Richard Josiah is already 16 months old.  Below is just a sampling of the pictures.  Follow the link below to see the entire album.  We are so thankful for God's kindness to us and His numerous blessings!

Richard Josiah is already 16 months old.  He's walking, into
everything, wanting to do everything big brother does, and
talking a lot, especially about trains, tractors, and rain :-)

Grady Jeremiah is already 3 years old!  He is our little
engineer who wants to know how everything works, has
a great memory of lots of details and people, and loves
helping Daddy with ministry responsibilities at church.

Life stays a bit crazy with two little guys with lots of energy :-)

2012 Family Portraits

posted Mar 10, 2013, 1:10 PM by Grady Smith   [ updated Nov 21, 2013, 7:51 PM by Grady Smith ]

September 20, 2012 ~ We finally had family portraits taken!  At the end of September, the photographer who did our engagement pictures and our wedding did a family photo session for us at Samford in Birmingham.  The pictures turned out amazing and you can see how quickly our boys have grown :-)

Click here to see the entire album
of our 2012 family pictures

The photographer for these pictures is Samantha Ferguson.  If you are in the Birmingham area and in need of a good photographer for engagements, weddings, baby, or family pictures, check out her web site at

Richard Josiah - Day 2

posted Jul 9, 2012, 7:30 PM by Grady Smith

July 9, 2012 ~ Julia and Richard Josiah are both having good days today!  Julia continues to recover well, and Richard Josiah is learning how to nurse.  If all continues to go well, we hope to go home tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.  This experience is so different for us than with Grady Jeremiah not only with being full-term, but also in being able to have visitors, not having lots of monitors attached to the baby, and the thought of going home after only 48 hours!  Thank you again for praying for us during this journey.

Here are two pictures from today at the hospital :-)

Welcome Richard Josiah Smith!

posted Jul 8, 2012, 8:45 PM by Grady Smith   [ updated Jul 8, 2012, 9:13 PM ]

July 8, 2012
~ We are excited to let you know about the birth of our second son, Richard Josiah, at 12:18 p.m. today.   He is 6 pounds, 6 ounces, and 19.5 inches long.  He and Julia are both doing well! 

We are so thankful for the many of you who have prayed so much for us and helped us in so many ways during this pregnancy.  In case you don't know, our first son, Grady Jeremiah, was an extreme premature baby born at just 26 weeks (that is 14 weeks early).  At 20 weeks in this pregnancy with Richard Josiah, Julia began having contractions and was taken to labor and delivery beginning another journey of a "high risk pregnancy."  That afternoon, some 18 weeks ago, a nurse told her there was nothing that could be done to stop the labor and that she would not leave the hospital until the baby was born.  We left that afternoon, and even though we had five more trips to labor and delivery, we never spent the night!  

This morning at 5:30 a.m., Julia woke up with a change in her contractions.  She was admitted to the hospital around 8 a.m., and Richard Josiah came just a little over four hours later.  Like his brother, he was ready to be here!  It only took Julia about 10 pushes for him to enter the world!   And also like his brother, he was born on a Sunday, avoiding the time of morning worship services. Grady Jeremiah was born at the time between Sunday School and the worship service, and Richard Josiah was born just a few minutes after the service ended :-)

Richard Josiah is doing well.  The doctors say he is healthy and looks good.  One nurse tonight told us that he is one of the most alert babies she has seen.  Julia is also doing well. 

Today also brought the joy of Richard Josiah meeting his grandparents and his older brother!  Grady Jeremiah was intrigued by the "baby" and did great with his first experience with a newborn.  If he got tired of watching the baby, he was quite happy pointing out to us (and saying the words for) the vent, attic, light, clock, cars (on the street below) and the air-con :-) 

Again, thank you for your prayers as you have walked this journey with us.  Please continue to pray for Julia as she recovers, for Richard Josiah as he develops, and for Grady Jeremiah as he transitions to being a big brother.

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