A Great End to the Day

Post date: Nov 14, 2010 3:41:31 AM

November 13 (PM) --- You couldn't ask for a much better end to the day. Grady Jeremiah continues to do well on his increased feedings today (now at 5 cc every 3 hours) and had a huge bowel movement! Maybe it sounds strange, but we find such encouragement in small things like that. However, that's still not the greatest highlight of the day...Today we both got time touching the little guy. For more than an hour I got to keep my hands and arms in his isolette holding his little head and even playing with his little feet and hands. It was a precious time of touching, praying for, and talking to our little boy. This evening I was able to hold him for a few minutes while the nurse redid his bedding.Julia got to spend more than an hour this evening doing "kangaroo" with the little guy! It was only his second outing from his isolette. We better know how to keep him warm out of it, so we were able to let him lay on her chest longer. While Julia held him, I read my favorite children's book to him, The Little Engine That Could.Thank you for your prayers for him! We rejoice at every small step, yet we know it is still a long road ahead.