Continued Progress!

Post date: Dec 4, 2010 2:30:18 AM

December 3 (PM) - It has been another good day for all three of us today! Hopefully the smile on the little guy's face in the picture to the right reflects our feelings today :-) Thank you so much for your prayers. Julia continues to feel better. The antibiotics have cleared up the mastitis and her energy has returned. She met with a lactation consultant today and the only problem remaining from this situation is a clogged duct that hopefully will open soon. Please pray that it will open up tonight or tomorrow so that the remaining tenderness will go away.Grady Jeremiah has done great in all areas today. He is resting well, digesting well, and even breathing better. He even lets us know when he gets hungry. Let me share this brief story about his hunger from today. Normally the little guy gets fussy about 30 minutes before it is time to be fed. Today he started getting fussy around 45 minutes after being fed. We were puzzled. His movements and cries were that of "I am hungry," not of his "I am lonely, come touch me" cries. Well, we soon realized that his milk had not gone down his OG tube but had leaked to the bottom of his bed! Oops :-) He definitely had his ways of letting us know that he was still hungry and waiting! I was able to hold him for two hours outside of his isolette today. Grady Jeremiah did the best he has done so far with his breathing outside of the isolette's slightly increased oxygen environment. During the two hours laying on me breathing room air, he only needed occasional boosts of oxygen just for a few seconds to help him. He rested so well, and the two hours felt like about 10 minutes to me!

As a side note, for the first time today we looked at Google's analytics of this blog. We are absolutely amazed at the large number of you following us day by day from all over the US and the world to pray for us. Thank you again for your faithfulness to intercede for Grady Jeremiah and for us! It means so much to us.