December 6 Update

Post date: Dec 7, 2010 2:54:53 AM

Quick stats... 29 days old, 2 pounds 7.4 ounces, 13.5 inches

Watching... While his first vision test is not scheduled for another week, Grady Jeremiah does seem to be able to follow nearby objects and stare at things. Whereas most children will start looking at baby toys, his early sights will be of oxygen masks, a plastic wall, and wires and tubes! In the picture to the right we tried to show him a new children's book for him. Sometimes when he tries to focus on things, his eyes go cross-eyed. It does make us chuckle when we see it. Please be praying for his vision. Premature babies can have vision trouble resulting from the high amount of oxygen to which they are exposed.A character... The little guy has become quite a character when it comes to being mischievous. He has an OG tube through his mouth so that the nurses can feed him his milk. His record so far is pulling it out three times in one night! Two nights ago the nurse was talking to him, kindly warning him not to pull it out. He looked up at her, and before she could do anything he pulled it completely out! Well, he repeated it today with us watching. Except this time he pulled it out while the milk was going in! In addition, his night nurse two nights ago was sitting at the nurses station and heard a baby cry. She checked all of the "big" babies near the desk but none were crying. She was puzzled and thought, there's no way it can be the little one. Well, it was our little guy! He can produce quite a cry to be so small! Progress... Grady Jeremiah continues to do well. The feeds have been increased to 21 cc and he continues to digest it. His weight is slowly increasing each day as well (see above). He also has figured out how to get his fingers in his mouth (somewhat) and when he can get them there, he sucks on them. The nurses are pleased that his sucking reflex is already developing. Now we are waiting for him to learn how to suck, swallow, and breathe all at the same time. That step is probably still a few weeks away, and will be the beginning of bottle feedings.

Breathing... His breathing has ups and downs but is improving. The last two nights he has been on room air (21 % oxygen). He did well on it today while laying on Julia for more than 2 hours! Apparently it is normal for premature babies to get tired when having to breathe room air. Tonight he had to go back up to 26% oxygen in his isolette, but they are already dropping that level each hour. Please keep praying that his breathing will continue to improve, and that he will be able to breathe without the extra oxygen even this week.

Julia... Julia is feeling healthier. The final clogged duct has opened up thanks to great counsel from one of the lactation consults who works here at the hospital. We find it amazing how many specialists there are here! Thank you for praying for her. The consultant did warn her that mastitis can reappear after the antibiotics end. Julia will still be on antibiotics for three more days. Please pray that the antibiotics clear up all the infection and that Julia stays healthy. Julia is still feeling quite tired after all that has happened the last four weeks and with the changes in our sleep schedule. Please pray for her energy levels to return.

As we close tonight we want to show you the picture of Grady Jeremiah when his nurse tonight had him out to weigh him. We are so blessed with the nursing staff here that is caring for him! They are wonderful!

Yes, that is Grady's laptop in the bottom right corner

of the picture working on this very blog entry!