Family Bible Reading

Post date: Dec 14, 2010 10:03:55 PM

December 14 (Afternoon) - One of the highlights of a day for us is getting to hold Grady Jeremiah! You have seen pictures of us doing it (and, believe me, I only post a few... we get camera happy when he comes out of the isolette!). Yesterday he was out for about 4 hours and did great. I have already held him this afternoon and Julia is holding him now. It's such a precious time to have our son laying on us and being able to feel him breathe, wiggle, and kick! It's also amazing to hear the little sounds he makes when he is happy... and when he is doing other things :-)

One thing that we do every time we hold him is read a Bible story to him. Now I know that he doesn't exactly know what he is hearing, but we wanted to start doing family devotions early in his life, and well, this is early :-) I want to share with you the amazing family devotional we came across and commend it to any of you with young children! We found a new family devotional guide called Long Story Short. Over 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, and through 1 1/2 years, it takes you and your family through the Old Testament. Instead of just giving moral lessons, it teaches children theology in a fun, interactive way. It also shows how every story points to Christ and how the redemptive message weaves throughout all of Scripture. It even has questions for children to ask their parents and parents to ask their children to help facilitate spiritual discussions with each story. It is quite impressive! For those of you familiar with Sovereign Grace Ministries, it is written by one of their pastors.If you'd like to learn more about this devotional book for your family that we have already started using, please go to: is a great 3 minute video introduction to it from the author on that page.By the way, we're not getting any "kick backs" for passing this along... We just wanted to share something that we are already enjoying and that is unique among books today :-)