First Bath and Two Week Birthday

Post date: Nov 22, 2010 4:35:19 AM

November 21, 2010 (PM) - Grady Jeremiah celebrated his two week birthday with a big milestone today... his first bath! When we first put him in the water he actually seemed to enjoy it! Then, like most babies, he got a bit fussy. My job was just to keep him from sliding under water and keeping his oxygen sensor on his hand dry. I did okay with the first task, not so well with the second! Julia got to bathe him. It was so much fun! He seemed so alert and inquisitive about the whole process. He did choose to leave a few things floating in the bath water, so it had to be changed out half way through :-) After his bath we were able to dry him, put lotion on his tiny body, and then comb his hair! I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story! Click on any picture to see it full size.

In other updates, he continues to do well with digesting his increased feeds that now contain a supplement. He has spit up a little with these large feeds, though not much. Please pray that he will be able to keep it all down and continue to digest it all.

His breathing also has been good today, with only a few episodes. He has done amazingly well not being on the canula. Thank you for praying about his breathing, and please continue to pray that it will keep improving each day.

As we have mentioned before, please continue to pray that he would stay free of infection since his immune system is so weak, and pray that Julia and I will continue to stay healthy so we can keep touching him and spending time with him.

During the evening rounds, the doctors only had to spend about 30 seconds in his room because he is doing so well. Thank you so much for praying for Grady Jeremiah! We have much to be thankful for, on this his second week birthday :-)