First Eye Exam

Post date: Dec 24, 2010 4:13:59 AM

December 23 (PM) - Grady Jeremiah had his first eye exam today. The report was good, but it was not a pleasant experience for him! It's hard to explain to a six week old premature baby why he needs drops in his eyes to dilate them, why he needs metal bars to hold his eyelids open, and why an older man wearing a funny contraption on his head has to shine a bright light in his eyes! The little guy definitely let us know what he thoughts about the experience... Julia was half way down the next hallway over from his room and could hear his scream when the eye doctor started this process! Thankfully everything looks good right now. It's a bit too early to tell much, but there are no signs of problems. The eye doctor will be re-checking every two weeks to make sure that the blood vessels in the back of the retina develop correctly. Please pray that Grady Jeremiah will not have any vision problems.In other updates, he is now 3 pounds 10.6 ounces! Not too bad for weight gain today :-) We were able to hold him for three hours today and enjoyed every minute of it. We also had our second meeting with the lactation consultant who is working with him (and us!) to teach him (and us!) how he should nurse. He was able to nurse for about 10 minutes today. We are hoping to try to start teaching him the bottle tomorrow. Since he had such a stressful eye exam, we decided to wait until another day for that step. Please pray that he will continue to learn how to nurse.Since we have been thinking about his vision, let us close tonight with a picture of the book we want him to be able to read with those precious eyes...As you pray for the things we often mention here, please be praying most for our son to come to know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior at an early age, that he will walk with God throughout his life, and that God will use him mightily for His Kingdom purposes. Thank you for your continued prayers!