Getting bigger

Post date: Nov 25, 2010 2:33:44 AM

November 24 (PM) - Grady Jeremiah has had a good day today!

DIGESTION... He continues to digest all of his feeds and his sodium levels are beginning to rise. He also has gained weight from all of his food. Today he finally passed his birth weight! It is normally for babies to lose weight after they are born. We are excited that he has gained it all back. Today he weighed 895 grams (1 pound, 15 ounces). One good sign is that he gets really fussy about 45 minutes before it is time for his feeding. It is hard to keep him quiet (those little lungs are already quite powerful!) until he gets a full stomach! Even as I write this blog, he is starting to cry because his next feed is coming in 45 minutes (don't worry... mom jumps up and calms him so I don't drop the laptop!) . Thank you for praying about this area. He is responding well. Please pray that he will continue to digest well and continue to gain weight.BREATHING... His breathing is also improving. The doctors were able to remove the nasal canula again, and just increase the oxygen content of his isolette (which I accidentally called a cage today... oops!) to around 26%. We are pleased with the progress, but long for the day he can go completely back to room air. Please pray that his little lungs continue to develop and stay open, and that he will be able to return to room air very soon.MRSA COLONIZATION... The MRSA nasal treatments start tomorrow. Apparently the hospital treats all the babies with it at the same time on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Please pray that the antibiotics completely get rid of the colonization and that the MRSA bacteria will not get into his blood system.

As I close, I want to share this picture of Julia kanaroo-ing with Grady Jeremiah yesterday