Good News and Its Changes

Post date: Dec 31, 2010 8:36:01 PM

December 31 (afternoon) - The last two days have been full of good news from the doctors and nurses.

1) HIS GROWTHThe nurse practitioner showed us Grady Jeremiah's growth chart yesterday so we could visualize how much he has been growing. She said it is one of the best growth charts she has ever seen! Please pray that he will continue to grow well each day. Because he is progressing so well in his growth, they are looking at making a few changes to his care plan...2) BREAST FEEDINGAfter watching Grady Jeremiah bottle feed so well, yet still trying to "root" on both of us, the doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, and lactation consultant all agreed it was time to set the bottle aside (despite how well he did with it on Wednesday) and immediately start breast feeding exclusively during the day. Because it can be tiring for these little guys, this weekend we plan to do breast feeding only during the days, and regular 36cc feedings every three hours at night via the NG tube in his nose. During the days, we will not be on a schedule but Julia will feed him whenever he gets fussy. If Grady Jeremiah can master it in a few days, they will switch exclusively to breast feeding and Julia will stay at the hospital to feed him 24/7 whenever he wakes up and shows signs of hunger. The nurse told us that it often takes premature babies several weeks to learn to nurse, and that yesterday Grady Jeremiah did what most take a week or more to learn! That was encouraging to hear, and we are encouraged that he continues to do well with it today. Please pray that he will continue to learn how to breast feed. Please pray for Julia to have wisdom as she works with Grady Jeremiah in learning this new skill. Please pray for Julia to be able to get adequate rest as she has new demands on her with the new feeding schedule.3) BREATHINGGrady Jeremiah's lapses in his breathing continue to diminish, though he still has a few each day. Since being born, he has been on a drug called Aminophylline. The staff calls it caffeine for babies as it helps to stimulate them to keep them breathing. Beginning today, his doses will be cut in half with the hope of weaning him off of it in several days. Please pray that he will be able to continue breathing well without the medicine, and that his breathing lapses will continue to decrease.


As I've mentioned before, he is getting close to moving out of the isolette into a regular crib. We have begun putting him in premature baby clothes to help him keep his body temperature warm enough on his own. If he can keep himself warm like that, he is only a few days away from moving out of the isolette. With Julia breast feeding him now, moving out to a crib would be very helpful for us. Please pray that he will be able to maintain his proper body temperature so that he can move to a crib this weekend.

Happy New Year!