Hello Mr. Ceiling Fan

Post date: Mar 25, 2011 1:18:26 AM

March 24, 2011 - Being new parents with a baby at home, time just seems to disappear. We can't believe that we have not given you an update in more than three weeks!

Grady Jeremiah has grown more than two pounds since our last update! That's right... He is now 10 pounds, 13 ounces as of today. We took him to the pediatrician today for the last of his four month immunizations. She is so pleased with his growth chart. It looks like an exponential graph and he is quickly catching up to the typical growth chart weights for a full-term baby. In fact, he is filling out so much that one of Julia's brothers described his cute, pudgy cheeks as being "built in pillows" to help him stay comfortable :-) We'll let you look at the picture to the left here and decide if you agree with that assessment!We are also really pleased with his alertness and eye contact. He continues to look around at things and study his surroundings. It's so much fun for us to have him sit in our laps and look intently at our faces as we talk with him! His eyes follow us as we move, follow toys that we hold before him, and look to us when we talk to him from a distance. Speaking of his eyesight, of great humor to us is his fascination with the ceiling fan in our living room (when it's not moving... he cries when we turn it on!). He stares at it for prolonged periods of time during the day. So for now we don't need expensive toys, we just need to let him look at the ceiling of the room :-) Tonight I (Grady) was walking around the house holding him. As we walked into the living room area he immediately wiggled in my arms and pushed his head back to look at the ceiling. As I moved around the room he kept turning his head to look at his favorite object... Mr. Ceiling Fan :-) We wanted to try to appreciate his perspective, so we took a picture from behind him as he was sitting in his "boppy pillow" on the couch this week. You can see his new friend in the picture to the right! As funny as it is to us each day, it makes us very thankful for what it indicates about his alertness, vision, and muscle strength. There's a quick overdue update for you! Over the next two weeks we will be returning to UAB for the newborn follow-up clinic where we see lots of specialists to evaluate his progress. We also should be having a home visit from an "early intervention" developmental specialist during these weeks as well. We will keep you updated here on what we learn.Thank you for your continued prayers for us!Grady, Julia, and Grady :-)