It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Post date: Dec 20, 2010 7:33:15 PM

December 20 (afternoon) - For those of you who check this site daily, I am sorry about the lack of posts the last two days. I (Grady) needed to return to Auburn over the weekend, and realized that I never posted it here. So don't worry, Grady Jeremiah is doing well!

Grady Jeremiah is doing great! He is up to FULL FEEDS of 30 cc every three hours with double milk fortifier and oils. He's digesting it quite well, as seen in the lack of much residual (they check to make sure nothing is undigested from the previous feed right before each feed), the dirty diapers, and his weight gain. Speaking of weight gain, he is up to 3 POUNDS 5 OUNCES! He also continues to breathe room air and does well with it. He is still in the beginning stages of learning to nurse and still gets fussy if he has not been held in a while. Thank you for praying. Please pray that he will continue to develop in these areas.

It is Christmas week! At the end of last week, Santa came to visit. UAB has a Santa visit for all of the babies in neonatal ICU and where we are in the Continuing Care Nursery. He can't touch the babies (for obvious reasons!), but we did get a cute picture with him.

Thankfully Grady Jeremiah did not pout or cry for Santa's visit :-) Don't worry, we will reading to him the real Christmas story this week :-)

That same evening we also took some pictures in a Christmas outfit. I can't help but share two more as well...