Happy "1 Week" Birthday!

Post date: Nov 15, 2010 1:41:26 AM

November 14, 2010 (PM) --- Happy one week birthday to Grady Jeremiah! We had a good day with Grady Jeremiah today. Thank you for praying for him. To highlight the day, look at t he picture to the right. The "little guy" was doing well enough to come out of his isolette for another hour and lay on Julia's chest. When I put my finger out to touch him, he latched on. Both of our hearts melted!Here are several praises from today. We are thankful to God for every small step of progress we see.1) DIGESTING EVEN MORE - The doctors have increased his feeds to 8 cc every three hours. He continues to digest most of it, only leaving trace amounts undigested. Apparently it is working. Julia and the nurse thought that I should change my first diaper (ever in life!). Let's just say he gave me a lot to clean up, and as soon as he was clean, he gave me some more :-) What a first diaper changing experience!Thank you for continuing to pray for him in this area of his digestion. Please keep praying that he will be able to continue and increase what he can digest so he can get the nourishment and antibodies he needs.2) BREATHING - While he still has occasional breathing lapses during the day, he has done really well with his breathing today. During most of his breathing lapses he started back breathing himself. Only a few times did we have to tickle his feet to stimulate him to get him breathing again. While laying on Julia's chest for an hour this evening, his breathing was exceptional!

Please pray that his breathing lapses will continue to decrease and completely cease in the days ahead.

3) EYES OPENING EVEN MORE - His eyes are opening even more. He looks even cuter (as if that were possible!) with open eyes :-) It may just be dad dreaming here, but several times today I saw his eyes moving toward me when I approached and started talking.

Pray that he will have no vision trouble, especially as he is missing the septum pellucidum in his brain (see the post from November 12).

As I close, I want to share two pictures from today with you...

CHANGING MY FIRST DIAPER...That's right, I have never, ever changed a diaper in my life until today. God has a sense of humor. My first diaper change was quite messy as the meconium continues to push out of his system as he digests the breast milk.FAMILY...Grady Jeremiah greatly enjoyed having both granddads with him today! When my dad is with us in the room, there are three generations of Grady Smith's in the room :-)