My Favorite Things

Post date: Aug 25, 2011 7:04:16 PM

August 25, 2011 - Is the summer already over? It seems as though the past several months have flown by. Grady Jeremiah continues to grow and develop well! He now weighs 14 pounds 10 ounces! Last week we went back to UAB for two visits. One was a research study follow up. There a child psychologist evaluated Grady Jeremiah. Developmentally our little guy is between the 6-10 month mark for each area! Remember that he is 9 months actual age and 6 months corrected age, which is what they use for his developmental assessments. So we are very pleased with his progress. The next day we returned to the newborn follow up clinic. The many doctors and specialists we saw were also pleased with his progress. They said that Grady Jeremiah does not look like he was a 26 week premature baby! Thank you for your continued prayers for him! We want to take a minute to show you some of Grady Jeremiah's "favorite things." No, they are not rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens like the old song goes, but they are...


Grady Jeremiah loves his books! One of his favorite activities is us laying on the floor next to him reading him one of his books. He will stare at the pictures, touch the pages, and makes lots of sweet sounds. He is even trying to learn how to turn the pages for himself, though it usually results in him closing the book!

(2) TOYS

Grady Jeremiah loves to play. He is very fun-loving and a happy baby. One of his favorite toys is actually one of Grady's old toys... colored rings! He loves to hold them, throw them, and try to take them off of the holder. In this picture, he had dropped the green ring on his head and was looking confused as to where it was :-)


Grady Jeremiah loves to watch the rain! We take him on the front porch where he can watch the storms come in and watch the rain fall. He is so happy! So maybe raindrops on the sidewalk are part of his favorite things.


Grady Jeremiah loves being outside! Julia takes him out for walks almost every day and he loves it. He loves watching Grady cut the grass. He especially loves touching leaves on the trees in our yard.


Up until last week, Grady Jeremiah was only eating breast milk with a daily vitamin. It amazes us how well he has grown on just milk! We are now beginning to introduce him to single grain cereal and baby food. He still likes his bottle better, but does enjoy making a mess with whatever food we are trying to introduce to him. Speaking of his bottle, he now likes to grab his bottle and shake it, sending milk drops flying! It is cute, though a bit messy :-)

We have lots more cute pictures besides these!

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