November 11, 2010

Post date: Nov 12, 2010 1:15:19 AM

It is amazing how quickly a little one captures the heart of his mom and dad. I had to go back to Auburn for about 30 hours for work and to pack things that we need for our extended Birmingham stay. It was so hard to be away from Julia and Grady Jeremiah! Once I got back to Birmingham, I almost sprinted across the block to get back to our little guy's room.Grady Jeremiah is doing well today. His breathing is even more stable than before and still is doing great on room air, without any extra oxygen. He also is doing well digesting break milk. While there is occasionally some that does not digest (something they call "residual"), which is normal for this age, he is doing well with it. The doctors are going to up his feedings tomorrow. Right now he gets a whopping 2 cc (or 2 ml) every 3 hours :-) Tomorrow he may get a 3 or 4 cc feast! His bilirubin levels are back on the rise a little bit, so they put him back under the lights as you can see in the two pictures here.So here is the highlight of being back today... I finally got to touch him! The little guy has captured my heart. What a precious moment for me. Julia has been touching him for two days and even changed one of his tiny diapers today! The doctors say we may start "kangarooing" tomorrow... that is where they take him out and lay him on our chests. I'm excited and nervous about this step!

Thank you for your continued prayers. Last night I was back at Lakeview for work, and I was overwhelmed with the interest, concern for, prayers for, and encouragement about this precious little boy that God has given to us. And I know that the encouragement I received at Lakeview last night is only a small fraction of the many of you from so many places who are interceding for the little guy. Please know how grateful we are to the Lord for the encouragement He is giving to us through each of you.

As I close this evening, I have to share this picture with you...

Yes, that is Grady Jeremiah holding Julia's finger!