Perspectives 1

Post date: Dec 5, 2010 10:09:21 PM

December 5 (afternoon) - Some of you have asked us to show pictures that give some perspective on how big small :) Grady Jeremiah really is! It is hard to get a sense of his size from the pictures just of him. So here is our first attempt at some perspective for you. We will do more later, but until then, we hope you will enjoy these pictures...

To help you see his size, the most common household item we could find in his room was this regular sized tube of toothpaste :-) Remember, he is only about 14 inches long.

The Little Guy wears extra small diapers for premature babies. Here he is next to a diaper designed for a full-term newborn. It would cover most of him!

We are thinking that this normal children's toy may be a bit too big for him right now.

Some children like to build forts at home out of cushions and other furniture. Grady Jeremiah could make a fort out of infant children's books!

Here is Julia holding the little guy on top of a typical "onesie" for a full-term newborn baby.

Remember, you can click on any picture on this blog to see it full-size. By the way, Grady Jeremiah is doing well today. We will write more about that later tonight.