Progress for Julia and Grady Jeremiah!

Post date: Dec 3, 2010 2:37:33 AM

December 2 (PM) - It has been a good day for all of us today. Grady (the older!) is glad to be back in Birmingham with Julia and the little guy. Julia is feeling better. And Grady Jeremiah is still growing!

First, here is an update on Julia....

The mastitis infection appears to be improving! Julia has gone 24 hours without any chills. The redness of the infected area is diminishing. There still is a firm area where the mastitis first appeared, but it is responding like a clogged duct. Julia is able to do some things that help relieve that pressure. Thank you to all of you for your fervent prayers for her. So many of you have let us know you are praying specifically for these things, and she is improving! Please keep praying for her, for that clogged duct to open up and for any remaining infection to be cleared up. For those of you who are curious, Julia can't turn in milk for Grady Jeremiah now because of the antibiotics. However, in God's provision she made much more than needed in the last three weeks and the hospital has it stored so that the little guy can keep getting her milk for feeds! There is much for which we are thankful.Second, we are glad to let you know that Grady Jeremiah is growing!

The little guy keeps growing! He is now 2 pounds, 4.7 ounces... That is a 40% increase in body weight from his lowest point a little more than two weeks ago! Aren't you glad we don't gain weight that fast? :-) However, for him, we are very pleased! I want you to see the difference the past few weeks have made...

November 12, 2010

Age: 5 days

December 2, 2010

Age: 25 days

His breathing also continues to be improved since the blood cell transfusion. The number of dsats and bradys continues to decrease. His isolette still has a 23% oxygen environment, but that is getting closer to room air!

The swelling in his foot is decreasing as well. In addition, we are amazed at how well he rests, and how alert he gets when he is awake!

Please keep praying for him, that he will continue to grow, that his breathing will continue to improve (to the point he can be on room air very soon), and that he will stay free of any type of infection.