Progress & "I am glad daddy is back"

Post date: Nov 19, 2010 3:58:31 PM

November 19 (AM) - I am sorry about the delay in posts the last two days. I needed to return to Auburn for some work at Lakeview and projects at home, like cleaning out the refrigerator from the interesting things that were starting to grow in it while we have been gone these two weeks :-) It was definitely hard to be away from Julia and Grady Jeremiah. The little guy opened his eyes when I started talking to him this morning, so I am interpreting it as "I am glad daddy is back" ... That is a bit of a "dynamic equivalent translation" (for those who know my views on translation philosophy!) so I hope it is not too much of a stretch!

Ok, on to what everyone wants to know... The little guy is doing well!

1) FEEDS - He is up to 15 cc every three hours and digesting almost all of it. That is a full feed for him. For perspective, a full term baby (40 weeks, not 26 like him), only eats 30 cc every three hours. Thanks for praying for him in this area.

2) BREATHING - He is still on room air! The doctors have a small canula in his nose just to keep a trace amount of air flow going to remind him to breath. It also lets them give him a very small oxygen boost when they are working with him in case he gets fussy and tired from all of the crying.

3) SKIN DEVELOPMENT - Premature babies are kept in an isolette (see previous pictures) where it is warm and humid. Grady Jeremiah's skin has developed well enough for the doctors to turn off the humidity completely. He is still in the isolette for warmth, but the air is dry now!

4) SKIN IRRITATION - He still has some skin irritation around his belly and his diaper lining. It is improving though. Please keep praying that it will completely clear up and that he will stay free from infection.

We are waiting this morning for...

* The doctors to make their rounds and

* Us to hold him outside his isolette!

I have a feeling that you will be seeing another blog later after those two things happen :-)

Thank you so much for your prayers for Grady Jeremiah!