Quite Comfortable

Post date: Nov 17, 2010 2:48:53 AM

November 16, 2010 - After being messed with a lot yesterday, Grady Jeremiah's nurse for today wanted to try something to make him feel better. She had a special cloth contraption to swaddle him. Apparently these swaddle cloths are new around here, and UAB only has a few. Somehow our little guy got one of them! He has loved it... well, as best we can tell! It seems as though he feels more secure in it. He has been very peaceful most of the day, with the occasional crying fit when the nurse has to do something to him. FEEDING - Grady Jeremiah is digesting even more food! He is now up to 12 cc every three hours and continues to digest most of it! Apparently the GI tract is working well as evidenced by the healthy bowel movements :-) If he keeps doing well in his feeding, the doctors will remove his last IV in the next several days.BREATHING - Grady Jeremiah has done a little better with his breathing today, but still has the occasional lapse. Please keep praying for him in this area.IRRITATED SKIN - He also is improving slightly in this area and the doctors are using a medicated powder on it to help prevent infection. Please pray that it completely heals. It doesn't help that the little guy keeps liking to urinate on it as soon as they (or we) start to change his diaper... I hope that isn't too much information :-)

The doctors seem very pleased with his progress! Thank you for your prayers!

His little grip on my finger keeps getting stronger... He and I spent a long time today like this :-)