Spring 2012 Update

Post date: May 27, 2012 7:20:56 PM

May 26, 2012 ~ More than four months have passed since the last update. With Julia having contractions beginning at week 20 of this pregnancy, going on restrictions, and then going on a modified bed-rest, we have not had the time to update the blog on Grady Jeremiah's progress. By God's grace, we have made it through 33 weeks of another high-risk pregnancy so far, and are more than seven weeks past the point where Grady Jeremiah was born! Please be praying for us during the remainder of this second pregnancy. Grady Jeremiah is progressing so well! First, he is saying lots of words. His favorite words are lawn-mower, air-con (for air-conditioner), attic (yes, he is obsessed with the attic!), bye bye, and out go (when he wants to go outside). He also is saying things like truck, gum, vent, moon, Auburn, egg, and even eyebrow. And yes, he calls some of us names like Dada, Mama, Nana, Papa, M.E., R.C., and Uncle. He also is very close to walking. He can stand up on his own and cruise holding on to walls and furniture. In the last week he has begun to take his first steps. He already is into everything, so we are bracing ourselves for a fun new adventure very soon!Grady Jeremiah is incredibly curious about his world. He wants to learn about everything! Here is just one funny example. He was watching closely as I started the dishwasher one day. So I picked him up and explained to him what buttons I pushed and why. The next day we were sitting in the den and he crawled to the kitchen. Within a few seconds we heard the sounds of the dishwasher as he had figured out how to turn it on, and also how to cancel it while it is being used :-)Medically, he is doing great. Since our last post he had great reports from early intervention, his pediatrician, pediatric eye care at UAB, and newborn follow up clinic at UAB. We are very thankful for these good reports. Our only major prayer request related to medical issues is that he would gain weight more quickly. That appears to be the only area where he is slightly behind.Perhaps the best way to see his progress is to see his pictures! Follow the links below to our photo albums of our "little guy" in recent months. * Pictures from Winter 2011-2012 * Pictures from Spring 2012