Spring Is Here!

Post date: Apr 30, 2011 10:02:09 PM

  • April 30, 2011 - Wow, nearly a month has passed since our last update here. It is amazing how quickly time vanishes with a baby at home! It also is amazing how much he has progressed both physically and mentally since our last update.Grady Jeremiah is doing great! He is now 11 pounds, 9 ounces! We are so grateful for his good health and incredible growth. The doctor said his growth chart is phenomenal and he is quickly catching up. Also, Grady Jeremiah has become so much more interactive just in the last few weeks....He is making a few vowel sounds - He is beginning to make "coo" sounds. Also, when we tell him "I love you," a few times a day he will look back at us and say "I." He does the same thing about once a day when we wave at him and say "Hey," he answers with "A." It is so cute! He really seems like he is wanting to communicate with us.... beyond cries!
  • He is so attentive to his surroundings. He constantly is looking around, watching us, and turning to hear noises. He does not enjoy sitting still unless we are playing with him, talking directly to him while looking at him, or reading with him. If we're not doing those things, either he is asleep or we are walking around the house carrying him facing out as we attempt to do things one handed :-) He imitates us at times. If we stand over him and shake our head, he will do the same. Last week he was laying on a mat on the floor, quite fussy. So I (Grady) laid down next to him and started kicking my feet in the air. He settled down and began to copy my movements. We find it amazing what things entertain a little one!
  • He regularly smiles, and has even laughed! His smile is absolutely adorable.
    • He loves bath time! Even if he is crying, when we put him in his little "whale bath tub," he immediately becomes happy. He loves the water, and loves splashing around!
  • He loves being outside. On walks in his stroller, he looks around at his surroundings as we go, well at least for a few minutes before falling asleep. Sometimes when he is a fussy it just takes a quick walk outside for him to settle down.He even tries to help with his diaper changes! When we get ready to change his diaper, if we hold up each thing we will use (diaper, wipe, dry cloth, cream) and explain it to him, he looks so intently at it. He often will pull his knees up into his chest when we begin the diaper change and just hold them there until we are done. It is adorable!

That is just a quick glimpse into life with Grady Jeremiah the last few weeks. We have lots of new pictures in our online photo album if you want to see more of these things.

Thank you for your continued prayers for him and for us. Please continue to pray for his continued health and growth, for wisdom for us as parents, and ultimately that he will put his faith and trust in Christ as his Lord and Savior at an early age and be used mightily by God for His Kingdom purposes.