Stop Messing With Me!

Post date: Nov 16, 2010 2:23:18 AM

November 15, 2010 (PM) - If Grady Jeremiah could talk, I think he would tell the doctors and nurses, "stop messing with me!" I think he tried to tell us that with his cries today :-)The doctors today were pleased enough with his progress to begin the process of removing the final tube put in him through his belly-button at birth. To do so, they had to start an IV in his arm to give him additional fluids he needs over the next several days. The good news is that they decided to do a temporary IV instead of a more permanent one since he is doing so well. Once Grady Jeremiah got through that, the doctors decided they needed a blood sample to check for infection. So they pricked his little foot to get a small vial of blood. Then the doctor came in to remove the stitching and final tube from his belly button. He also has some irritated skin around his diaper, so they have been putting ointment on it early in the day and then trying to keep it dry the rest of the day.The little guy really didn't enjoy being messed with so much! However, it did give us extra opportunities to touch him and try to calm him. It was really sweet to see his reflexes latch his little fingers around my finger when I would touch him (see the picture above).The best progress for the day is that they increased he feeds to 10 cc every three hours and that he continues to digest it! Thank you for your prayers in this area! We also rejoice that the blood work revealed no signs of infection in his little body.

The "little guy" did have a few struggles today....

He struggled some with his breathing. It may just be he is tired from all of his crying... It could be he is a little weak from all the work of digesting larger amounts of milk... It could just be he is being a premature baby! Regardless, the doctors put a little tube under his nose to give a little air flow up his nostrils to help him breath. Please pray that his lungs and muscles will strengthen to where he has no more breathing lapses.

He also has some irritation of his skin around his diaper lining. To make sure he didn't have any infection, they did the blood work today (see above). Thankfully he looked good, so it is just irritated skin. Please pray that the irritated skin gets better and that he will not have any infection that results. Little guys like this are at a high risk for infection and it can be dangerous for them.

Let me share one other prayer request with you... Please pray that Julia and I both stay healthy. With strange sleep schedules and changing weather, we want to stay healthy. If we get sick, we won't be able to spend time with the little guy. Right now we are enjoying spending all day with him :)

Thank you again for your prayers! God is with us every step of the way and we sense His presence. He is using each of you through your prayers, notes, emails, and calls to encourage us as well. Thank you.