Thanksgiving Weekend

Post date: Nov 27, 2010 5:58:09 PM

  • November 27 (AM) - Grady Jeremiah had a good day on Friday. During the night on Thursday night, the nurse removed the OG tube that goes through his mouth into his stomach for feeds. The little guy likes to pull it out repeatedly! After he somehow managed to remove it three times on Thursday night, despite it being taped in place, the nurse took it out and put it through his nose (now an NG tube). He had one of his most restful days on Friday. Perhaps that tube was irritating him. For some reason he didn't tell me when I asked :-) We enjoyed hanging out in his room with him all day! After watching a little football (which he did not pay much attention to), we couldn't resist taking the picture you see here! Now for those of you who pull for the other team, please don't hold this against him... Grady Jeremiah wants you to know that it is his dad's doing :-) We are looking forward to the day he grows into this little cap for him... it's still a little too big!A few other updates on the little guy... He continues to digest well and is gaining a little weight each day. Yesterday he gained about 4 grams. Please keep praying for his digestion and his growth.
  • For those of you who follow his twitter updates, his swollen foot is looking closer to normal. When they checked his blood, he had no sign of infection. Apparently his swollen foot was irritation from the oxygen probe that was on it. Please continue to pray that he will stay free from any infection and that the little bit of swelling that remains in his foot will go away.
  • Hematocrit - The doctors watch his hematocrit, or percentage of red blood cells. His hematocrit is dropping, which the doctor tells us is normal. Premature babies typically drop at least 2% per week until around week 6, at which point the body is able to start producing red blood cells on its own. When it drops to a certain level, they begin blood transfusions. Would you pray that his level (which is a little low but still in the safe range) will not drop so that he does not need a blood transfusion? Not needing a transfusion would certainly help our state of mind.

Thank you for your prayers for Grady Jeremiah. As you pray for him, would you continue to pray for us? Specifically, please pray that we will not worry. With every alarm that sounds and every surprise development, whether MRSA or a sudden swollen foot, it becomes very easy to worry. Please pray that God will give us the grace and strength to continue to trust Him and to obey Him by not worrying, even when our natural tendency (and parental instinct!) would lend otherwise?

Again, thank you! We truly have much for which we are thankful.