The Grandparents are Happy :-)

Post date: Jan 24, 2011 11:44:29 PM

January 24 - With Grady Jeremiah so premature, we have been extra cautious on trying to minimize germ exposure. One way to do that was to greatly limit visitors to his room, and the other was to limit holding him just to the two of us and his nurses. Grady Jeremiah has progressed so well, we realized it was past time to let the grandparents hold him. So yesterday and today our parents have had the joy of not just visiting him, watching him, and talking with him as in the past 11 weeks, but in finally getting to hold him! We want to share with you the pictures of each of their first time to hold our precious son. We hope you can see the joy on their faces as each of them hold their first grandchild!

There have been so many blessings we have experienced being in Birmingham at UAB during the past 11 weeks. You regularly read updates about his amazing medical care here. What you often do not read are the untold stories each day of all that our parents have done to pray for, support, and encourage us. We cannot begin to express adequate thanks for all they have done for us!