They're Back!

Post date: Dec 14, 2010 1:36:48 AM

December 13 (PM) - Thank you so much for praying for us yesterday. Julia and I both felt better by the evening, but decided to stay at Ronald McDonald House to err on the side of caution. We don't want to expose Grady Jeremiah to any bugs! We found White Christmas and watched it while we relaxed. We woke up this morning feeling back to normal and were able to spend most of the day with Grady Jeremiah! Yesterday was a reminder to us that if we get sick, we can't be with our son. Please pray that we will take enough time to rest and that we will stay healthy, especially as the flu and cold season approaches.

  • Grady Jeremiah is doing well. We had two encouraging comments from the staff here. The nurse practitioner over his care told us today, "He is chunking up." She went on to say that he is progressing very well. Also, another doctor told us tonight that Grady Jeremiah is above average and doing better than most premature babies at his age! The picture to the right from this morning shows him beginning to fill out and being more alert when he is awake... The highlight for the day for us was both getting to hold him. We had him out of his isolette for more than 3 hours! I was able to hold him for about 90 minutes, then pass him to Julia. As I write this post, she is still holding him... so the three hours may become four... or five. We'll see if I can pull her away tonight :-) Here are a few other quick updates...Grady Jeremiah continues to breath room air with the occasional breathing lapses (d-sats that I have mentioned before). Please pray that these breathing lapses will continue to diminish.
  • Grady Jeremiah is growing. He is now 2 pounds, 13 ounces! Three pounds is coming into view soon. The doctors increased his feeds again, now to 25 cc every three hours, and have doubled the amount of milk fortifier they are adding to it. Please pray that he will continue to grow and not have any setbacks.
  • The nurse practitioner said that if he keeps progressing, they may try to start him bottle feeding or breast feeding in a week! Please pray that he will continue to develop his sucking reflex, and learn to do that while still breathing :)

Thank you again for your prayers. Every time we hear these reports of his progress, we are reminded of how God is answering the prayers of each of you.