Two Good Days

Post date: Dec 11, 2010 1:50:05 AM

December 10 (PM) - If you haven't seen our other post from today (video of Grady Jeremiah having the hiccups), click here to see it. Grady Jeremiah has done outstanding the last two days! The greatest improving has been his breathing. The nurses have been able to turn off the "oxygen environment" in his isolette (where they had slightly increased the oxygen concentration in the air from the 21% in normal room air to 22-28% as Grady Jeremiah needed it). He has been breathing room air the last two days and doing great with it! Even when we have had him out of the isolette and laying on us, his need for the occasional oxygen boosts have been much less frequent. Please pray that his lungs will continue to open and strengthen, and that he will not need to go back to the oxygen environment in his isolette again.Like we mentioned in our previous post from two days ago, he continues to do great with his feedings. He continues to digest it all with nothing left in his stomach after three hours of a feed. He also keeps growing. Yesterday he was up to 2 pounds 10 ounces! Please pray that he will continue to digest well, gain weight, and get stronger.Speaking of strength, he is getting stronger! Two nights ago he turned his head to look the other way for the first time. After struggling through a small push up, he was able to turn his head :-) That night he also managed to pull his way further up the isolette toward the top of his bed!

We are doing well. After I (Grady) was away in Auburn Thursday and Friday, we are enjoying being back together and being with our precious son. Julia is finished with her antibiotics for mastitis and has had no more trouble with clogged ducts. However, she is quite tired today. Please pray that the mastitis will not reappear and that Julia's energy levels will increase.

We appreciate each of your prayers and hope that you have a restful weekend!