Update --- November 8 (PM)

Post date: Nov 9, 2010 4:54:16 AM

Ok... The "little guy" has a name. But you will have to check back tomorrow for us to reveal it. We want to "sleep on it" tonight to make sure we still like it tomorrow morning!

His vital signs still look good and he is still breathing really well. He also is urinating quite well (in case you were wondering!) as evidenced by his crying when his tiny diaper gets wet.

We did have two slight disappointments today, but the doctors assure us these are normal things for premature babies.

(1) He was not able to digest his first two feedings. Through a tube that goes down his throat, the nurse gave him 1 cc (milliliter) of breast milk twice today. Unfortunately, when they checked, none had digested so they extracted it. The doctors say it is quite normal not to be able to digest yet, but they will keep trying small feedings to try and stimulate the GI system. Pray that he will be able to start digesting the breast milk tomorrow. It has important antibodies for him.Pictured right -->

Little guy's nurse, Troy, giving him his first feeding.

(2) He developed early stages of jaundice. Also, this is quite normal and more than 90% of premature babies (along with many full term babies) get it. The doctor said it was not bad enough to cause any problems, but they went ahead and put him under the bright lights to help his body get rid of the bilirubin build up. Please pray that the jaundice will go away.Little guy under the bright lights,

and wearing his first shades :)

We ended the evening in the NICU (neonatal intensive care) alone, standing over his little box, praying over him. It is so precious to hear Julia's tender, tear-filled prayers for the little guy. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!

PS - Check back tomorrow to learn his name

I can't resist showing you these two pictures as well.

Julia thinks his hands and fingers look like mine :)

Click on the pictures for larger images.