Update - November 6 (AM)

Post date: Nov 6, 2010 2:58:56 PM

The doctors yesterday evening told us that realistically they can keep the baby from coming for a few days at the minimum to a few weeks at the most.

Julia had a great night last night. The contractions decreased considerably and stopped for a while. The doctors were able to take her off most of the medicines that they were using to control contractions.

However, with the morning and increased activity, the contractions reappeared. The doctors have put her back on the medicines to control the contractions.

For the first time since all this began, they are allowing Julia to drink a little water and fruit juice.

Julia has specifically asked that we pray for there to be no infection since that increases the likelihood of labor increasing.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragements. I cannot being to express what it has meant to us.