Week 3 and 2 Pounds

Post date: Nov 29, 2010 2:42:29 AM

November 28 (PM) - Today is Grady Jeremiah's 3 week birthday! We thought we would begin today with a picture of Grady Jeremiah waving at you to say thank you for your prayers during these weeks! (Remember, you can click on any of the pictures on this blog to see larger versions)The biggest update from today is that Grady Jeremiah is now officially 2 pounds! He passed that mark last night. We are encouraged to see him gaining weight. Please continue to pray that he will digest food well, put on weight, and keep growing. He does continue to have some trouble with his breathing this evening, much like in recent days. Please continue to pray that his lung muscles would strengthen, and that he would not forget to breathe when he gets restful :-)Julia has been able to "kangaroo" with him a lot more yesterday and today. Yesterday, we were able to keep him out of the isolette for about 2 hours. Because of his breathing lapses, we keep the oxygen mask (bottom right of the picture) nearby to give him boosts as needed. During the kangaroo time it was so sweet to watch him resting on Julia while we prayed for him and I read him a Bible story :-) Julia was able to do that again today for 3 hours while I was back in Auburn. We continue to be amazed at how beneficial that time is for him, and how much fun it is for us!In closing, some of you have mentioned you like the perspective pictures to get a better understanding of his size. Here is one that I can't resist posting for you...

P.S. - Today, I (Grady) was able to return to Lakeview for Sunday Bible Study and corporate worship for the first time since beginning this new adventure. It was so encouraging to be back for the morning, to see many friends, and to hear so many words of encouragement. It was of great encouragement to Julia as well as I passed along the greetings from so many of you. We were especially blessed to hear from a parent that her young daughter prays for us every day! And we know that there are so many of you beyond Lakeview doing the same thing. So to all of you who read this blog and pray for Grady Jeremiah and us, thank you!