A Quick Update

Post date: Dec 2, 2010 4:02:33 AM

December 1 (PM) - While back in Auburn last Sunday, one of you mentioned to me (Grady) how worried you became last week when we skipped a day's post! Sorry about that :-) So even though I had to travel back to Auburn for work and have not seen Grady Jeremiah today, I want to give you a quick update from Julia and his nurses...

  • Digestion - Grady Jeremiah is doing so well on digesting his food, they have increased it again. Now he gets 20 cc every three hours!
  • Breathing - His breathing continues to be improved since receiving the blood transfusion. He still has his lapses, but those seem to be decreasing some.

Our biggest concern for tonight continues to be Julia's health. See yesterday's post for information about Julia developing mastitis. Despite almost 48 hours on two strong antibiotics, she still is not better. The area affected by the mastitis continues to hurt. She still continues to have weakness and chills associated with that infection. In fact, she was weak enough to need to go home to Montevallo for the night to be cared for by her family in my absence. In addition, there is a possibility that her mastitis is an MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph) infection. However, the antibiotics she is taking are designed to clear up that type of staph. Hence, we are concerned that there is not much improvement after two days of them. If these antibiotics don't work, more aggressive measures will have to be taken to rid the infection from her body.

Please specifically pray tonight that the infection in Julia's body will be healed! Thanks!