Mom's Not Feeling Well :(

Post date: Dec 1, 2010 3:59:13 AM


Yesterday (Monday) afternoon, Julia began not feeling well. It began to get worse through the afternoon, to the point that she had chills and almost flu-like symptoms. After a quick look at the Mayo Clinic web site, we realized that she had mastitis. There is no risk of transmitting it to Grady Jeremiah or others, but it means that she is very weak. The doctors doing rounds on Monday evening confirmed for us that it was mastitis, and that she should probably go to the emergency room to get antibiotics. God was gracious to us in that a friend who is an ER doctor was able to call in the medicines for her, saving us a long wait late at night at the UAB ER and exposure to people who are sick. Julia began those antibiotics at midnight last night. While they are beginning to help, she still has discomfort, weakness, and chills.

  • Please pray that the mastitis will completely go away and that her strength will return.
  • Please pray for God to comfort her and provide for her, as it looks like I will need to be back in Auburn Wednesday afternoon through Thursday morning.
  • November 30 (PM) - Thank you for praying yesterday for us to have wisdom about the blood transfusion for Grady Jeremiah and for praying for him about it. He did great receiving it and had no reactions to it. In fact, his skin color looks even better today as a result of the extra blood cells, and his breathing has been the easiest we have seen in recent days. Since he had a good day, he was able to spend more than three hours outside of the isolette today in two "outings," one to lay on Julia and one to lay on me. His breathing was significantly improved in this setting as well, only needing the oxygen mask near him a few times for little boosts. One specific prayer request for him... The swelling of his foot (see November 27 post) still remains. There is a spot on it where the nurses tried to start an IV a week ago. While his blood work shows no infection, that spot looks like it may be becoming infected and the swelling may indicate that as well.Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom in what to do (they are wavering between starting antibiotics and just watching it more). Pray that any infection there will go away.